Cash is king

If you are one of our particularly active Club users, you may be looking for a direct and uncomplicated way to redeem your points.

Starting with a Club point balance of 10,000 points, you have the option of redeeming points for a bonus rebate. In this way, your company can benefit retroactively from reduced purchase prices.

The rebate is paid out once at the end of the quarter as a credit by bank transfer to the bank details provided by the partner in the Club portal. The bank details must match the company name registered for the Club. No cash payments can be made or cheques issued.

DICOTA reserves the right to request additional information about the customer before making a payout or to refuse the payout if there are any concerns.

The conversion rate is 1:60. 60 points are required per 1 GBP to be credited. DICOTA reserves the right to change the conversion rate at any time without prior notice.

Tax aspects

All relevant tax aspects in connection with the redemption of a reward or a bonus reimbursement are the sole responsibility of the user and must be dealt with by him/her.